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Fuel Injection Kits

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  • Basic Port Injection Tuning Package
    Basic Port Injection Tuning Package
    Basic Port Injection Tuning Package   If you have purchased one or our D.I.Y. kits or purchased one of our port injection kits on the used market and need assistance dialing in your fueling, then this option is for...
  • Direct Port Meth Injection for N54 and N55 E-series
    Direct Port Meth Injection for N54 and N55 E-series
    Are you running meth or planning to run meth but want better control, distribution, and additional capacity?  If so, this kit is for you.  Our Direct Port Meth Injection (DPMI) kits have six individually...
  • The Complete Ultimate Fuel System Upgrade Package
    E-Series 135i and 335i Ultimate Fuel System Upgrade (Save over $400)
    *****Enter the code "ufsu400" at checkout to receive a $400 discount on this complete package.***** This is the Ultimate Fuel System Upgrade with everything you need to support your big power goals in one place, no core...
  • Basic Port Injection Kit
    E-Series Port Injection
    Are you running more E85 or making more power on pump gas than your HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump) can support? We have developed a port injection kit for your N54 or N55 that will provide you with the additional fueling...
  • FI-650HP LPFP and Port Injection kits
    FI-650HP E-Series Fuel System Upgrade Kits
    Introducing the new Fuel-It! 650HP line of fuel system upgrades! If your power goal is 650whp or less and you need to upgrade your fuel system, you've come to the right place! As these cars get older and less expensive...
  • Split Second AIC6
    Port Injection Controllers
    All of our controllers are plug and play and come with the correct connections already installed for you specific platform. Install guides can be found here... http://www.fuel-it.com/port-injection-controller/ If you need...
  • Set of 6 Bosch Flow Matched Injectors
    Set of 6 Bosch Flow Matched Injectors
    $499.00 $269.00
    One set of six Bosch flow matched injectors with 42mm bodies. Compatible with gasoline, methanol, and ethanol. Fit all of the Fuel-It! Port Injection Kits Package includes flow test results, silicone lube, and 14mm...
  • Throttle Body Injection
    Throttle Body Injection
    $599.00 $0.00
    Throttlebody Injection Kits have been discontinued. For a low cost solution to meet your N54 supplemental fueling needs, we would recommend our new DIY Port Injection Kits. http://www.fuel-it.com/diy-kits/   Feel...